Ensuring food safety for laborers at Haiphong city 's Industrial Zones

On the afternoon of Oct 24, 2017, Department of Health, Haiphong city Labor Union and Haiphong Economic Zone Authority held a signing ceremony of the program of coordinating food safety for workers in industrial zones in the city for 2017-2020. Attending the ceremony was Do Trung Thoai - Head of Hai Phong Economic Zone Authority; Pham Thu Xanh - Director of Department of Health; Pham Huu Thu - Chairman of Haiphong Federation of Labour.

Leaders of three units signed food security program for workers in industrial zones in the city.

In the face of increasing food insecurity and food insecurity in collective kitchens, the problem of food safety is not only a concern of state management agencies but also a constant concern for employers. The singing of coordinate program on food safety in meal of the workers in Industrial Parks between three units (City Federation of Labour, Haiphong Economic Zone Authority and Department of Health) play an important part in supervising and managing the quality of meals for workers, and is a support bridge in providing safe food from the manufacturer to collective kitchens. 

Under coordination regulations, The Department of Health provides information on food safety to the collective kitchens for the units, coordinating the implementation, inspection and inspection of food safety conditions in the industrial zone at least once a year, unexpectedly check of the facilities when there are signs of violation. Management agency will stop if collective kitchens do not meet conditions for production, they do not comply with the food safety standards and regulations. 

Haiphong Economic Zone Authority is responsible for urging enterprises to comply with regulations on food safety and hygiene. Regularly review the units, enterprises in the Industrial Zone and Economic Zone to organize collective kitchens and send updated information to the Department of Health. Actively guide and remind the Industrial Park to complete legal documents on food safety in accordance with regulations.

City Federation of Labour actively organize the propagation and dissemination of the law on food hygiene and safety, command the trade unions of enterprises and Industrial Parks to participate in propagation, dissemination and education of the law on food safety to laborers in order to raise their knowledge and awareness of food safety. 

In addition, the State management agencies also jointly organized investigation maneuvers, given situations to deal with food poisoning series of businesses, invited experts to talk about food safety.

The signing ceremony demonstrates the determination of the state management agencies in particular and the whole city in general to minimize poisoning and foodborne illnesses as well as ensure food safety (Food safety) for workers in industrial zones in the city.

Information – Engineering Industry Service and Environmental Consulting Center.