Name of Industrial Zone (Vietnamese, English)                                                                                                                                                                    

- Khu công nghiệp Nam Cầu Kiền

- Nam Cau Kien Industrial Park

2  Address:  Thuy Nguyên District, Haiphong City
3  Start time of operation: 2007
4  Priority areas for investment attraction: 

-  Technology support, high technology;
- Manufacture of machinery and equipment for investment technology;
- Producing interior and exterior decoration products for export;
- Service industries for production in industrial zones;
- Other less polluting industries

5  Contact phone   022.535.150.99
6  Distance to the nearest seaport (km):   7 km from Hai Phong Port
7  Main road system (how many meters, how many lanes)  Width of main road 35 m; 
8  Internal traffic system (how many meters, how many lanes) 

Wide road is 25m; The pavement is 5m wide and the strip of trees is separated from the road

9  Power supply  Power from the national grid: 110KV; 35KV / 22KV 
10  Water supply  The water supply is from Duong Kinh Water Plant (Hai Phong Water Supply Company Limited)
- Total capacity: 25,000 m3 / day 
11  Wastewater treatment plant 

 Waste water treatment plant with design capacity of 4000 m3 / day

12  Fire system   
13  Area available for rent (m2 or hectare)    20 ha
14  Occupancy rate (%) (up to the present)  75%
15  Rent cost  Contact
16  Corporate income tax incentives  

 No tax will be collected if the newly invested enterprises have no interest for the first 3 years; 2 year tax exemption; Discount 50% for the next 4 years
  Preferential tax rate of 10% (from 2014) for 15 years, 4 year exemption and 50% reduction for the next 9 years for investment projects in special preferential areas.

17 Import tax incentives   Exemption from import duty on goods to create fixed assets
Export tax rate of 0% for products manufactured for export 
18  VAT preferences    
19 Another incentives  

Advising and applying for investment licenses (Investment Certificate, Business Registration Certificate, Fire Prevention and Fighting License, Environment, Construction)
Construction contractors, material suppliers, ...
Labor recruitment, logistics services needed
 Support to work with state management agencies 



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