Mitsubishi motors corporation (Japan) visited and learn about investment environment in Haiphong

On Sept 14th 2017, Mr. Pham Minh Duc – Vice Head of Haiphong Economic Zone Authority chaired and worked with Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (Japan), lead by Mr Kenichi Horinouchi- General Director of Mitsubishi Motors Vietnam to learn about environment and investment opportunities in the city in general and Hai Phong 's Industrial Park, Economic Zone in particular. Attending the meeting were leaders of specialized departments and Heza Technical and Vocational Education and Training School.

The scene of meeting

At the meeting, delegation was heard about investment environment, infrastructure, preferential policies and investment process in Industrial Parks, Economic Zone by Haiphong Economic Zone Authority.  With a mechanism, policies and open investment environment, Haiphong is a investment destination of many big corporations in the world as LG Electronics, Lg Display, Bridgestone…. The city has been preparing all favorable conditions to welcome investor at home and abroad, especially synchronized and exceptional infrastructure system. The two sides also discussed issues such as: labor, attractive policies, preferential investment as well as Haiphong’s attractive investment result in general and Industrial parks, Haiphong Economic Zone in particular. The question of delegation was received clear and full answer by the Economic Zone Management Authority.

The representative of Mitsubishi Motors (Japan) expressed their gratitude to Haiphong Economic Zone Authority for facilitating delegation to learn about investment environment, advantages and investment situation at Haiphong in general and Industrial Parks, Haiphong Economic Zone in particular. At the same time, we highly appreciated investment environment in Haiphong and hoped to continue receiving Haiphong‘s attention and support as well as Haiphong Economic Zone Authority.

Information – Engineering Industry Service and Environmental Consulting Center